Ken & Audrey Interview with Capital Community Media is a multimedia center in the greater Salem, Oregon

Capital Community Media

6/22/20221 min read

Audrey and Ken Aiken were thrilled to be interviewed about their Northwest rock band and its rapid rise to success. In just a short amount of time, their band has become a well-established and highly sought-after working band. With their unique sound and captivating performances, they have managed to capture the hearts of music lovers in the region. Audrey's powerful vocals and Ken's exceptional trumpet skills along with the other highly experienced musicians rounding out the sound they have proven to be a winning combination, attracting a growing fan base and earning them recognition within the industry. The band's commitment to hard work and dedication to their craft has undoubtedly contributed to their quick success. As Audrey and Ken reflect on their journey, they are grateful for the support they have received and excited for the future of their band.